Gaiel Izz

(rhymes with “smile”) 

Gai is a creative fifteen-year-old boy who lives in Hop with his sister Lynd. He dislikes anything broken, and has patched his clothes so many times with soggy newspaper that it crinkles when he walks. 


Lynd Izz

(rhymes with “wind”) 

Lynd Izz is a strong-willed twelve-year-old girl who lives in Hop with her brother, Gai. She has a strange habit of breaking things when she gets upset. Sometimes without her even touching them.


(sounds like “call”) 

Kal is a gifted student at the Myracles Akademy in Carpè. His talents have him well on the path of becoming a Heartbrand. However, he has a secret that would get him kicked out for sure.

Kabbage Blip

(sounds like “cabbage”) 

Kabbage is a Tinker gnome living in Electri City. His dreams are almost as big as his sass. If only he could get out of his own way.

Ada Moira

(rhymes with “beta”) 

Ada is the kind-heartened Commandress of Carpè. A rare mix of power and compassion. She has the extraordinary artistic talents.


(rhymes with “mia”) 

Zeea is an Akron who lived one-thousand years before our story takes place. Many artifacts found from that age have been attributed to her, especially a set of magnificent paintings that are so lifelike, you can walk right into them.