Myra is a magical energy with two extremes – a creative, formative, bonding force called “Elix” – and a destructive, breaking force called “Ruin.” It is said that all cycles, from seasons to time, are the result of the weaving and unweaving of Elix and Ruin.

Myracles are an alteration in reality through the use of myra. The effects can be the creation of something entirely novel, or utter destruction, depending on the dominant myra the user has within – Elix or Ruin.

The creative extreme of myra. Myracles using Elix have the power to heal, bond, create, and counteract Ruin. Unlike Ruin myracles, Elix myracles require energy to do them, thus can make the user tired, hungry, or even parish.

The destructive side of myra. 

Myracles that utilize Ruin break anything apart and free up the myra that makes them up. This tends to have the effect of granting the user increased power, but also carries the risk of becoming a Void.

Arte Myracles occur when the user infuses their song, poem, dance, architecture, or any other creative expression with their Elix myra. The result is an exquisite, rhythmic, and awe-inspiring work of arte. Being the most common Elix myracle does not mean they aren’t powerful.

Alkhemical myracles occur by using one’s Elix myra to bring two or more objects together to create something entirely new. This phenomenon can include exotic foods, potions, or anything that is bonded with the aid of Elix myra.

Maniphestation myracles occur when the user is able to infuse their Elix myra with an image in their mind, thus creating something entirely new seemingly out of thin air. People who wield this level of power are called “Fiats,” and it usually requires years of practice to steady the imagination.

Little is known or understood about Mythik myracles, as no one living has ever done one. These are the myracles so extraordinary that they seem straight out of myth – creating worlds and life itself. They are the territory of the legendary Arkons.

The elite Elix-wielding warriors of Carpè. They are sworn to guard all of Esa against sources of Ruin. They are named for the unique weapons forged from their own myra. Heartbrands are organized into 13 Legions, with the XIIIth Legion being the most powerful.

The heartbrand is a weapon shaped by one’s myra. Many Legionnaire hopefuls discover their’s during an ancient Arkonic rite known as “The Safar.” Since this weapon is sourced in the individual, each heartbrand has a unique appearance.

The endgame of all Ruin. A heart with too much Ruin eventually destroys itself and the rest of the body, and the person becomes a Void. These creatures are endlessly hungry and destroy all around them, growing larger until they consume everything. There is no known cure or way to defeat a Void.

The first beings to inhabit Esa. Although understood to have destroyed themselves in a horrific event called “The Last Myracle,” some Akrons are worshiped as the ultimate myracle workers and believed to be the related to all current inhabitants of the planet.