Hop was once a bustling place…

Not many people know about it. But just fifty years ago, it was the primer stop for all traders sailing across the Domus Gulf.

But the waters got dangerous.

Ships blew back in pieces. The Domus Gulf was no longer safe to sail across. And all on Hop were stuck forever…

And it’s home to the Izz family.

Gai and Lynd live on 76 Boulie Board.

Electri City is powered by a dubious substance…

It’s home of the gnomes and is Esa’s hub of technological innovation.

Need to travel across the vast city?

Made of “electri” energy, the SkyGo is the way to go…

They take genius seriously.

Gnomes have divided themselves into “Thinkers” – the bosses, and “Tinkers” – the workers. It can be hard to change one’s class. Unless you can win in the Uncon Con, held at the famous Stadium Gnomic.

Carpè is the most beautiful of cities.

The architecture is known throughout Esa, and is not to be missed.

These gardens are where the Heartbrands are trained.

They’re Esa’s very own elite, myracle-wielding Legions.

Home to the legendary Myracles Akademy of Artes, Alkhemy and Maniphestation.

The Everbloom is home to a mysterious group.

They call themselves “Bloomers.”

It stretches high above the clouds.

The Everbloom is considered the first being, and is said to be related to everyone in Esa.

Rumors swirl about the massive tree’s Sap.

Dubbed the “Immortal Sauce.” Could it really live up to its name?